At the cost of countless innocent victims, the neighboring kingdom was losing the war against the darkness army. The king is still alive, but obsessed.

This is the lair of escaped bandits and traitors. Your guild can bring order to these lands.

Palms, sand, mango, Harvesting Event.

Modern Archosaur City and City of a Thousand Streams, new quests, deposit system, mini casino.
  • posted by: SFX 2023-06-25 00:01:43

    Mod de joc PvP-PvM de nivel 255 ce cresti de la nivel 5. De inceput primesti Aripi si Pet PvM Care Evoleaza cu un full set nivel 5 PvM costum perso PvM de la npc Cadou inceput din cerc map1. In fiecare Map1 aveti un NPC cu denumirea Mape Crescut aveti 4 Mape de Crescut + Mapa Speciala fiecare mapa se deschide la nivelu atins. Mapa Nivel 5-100 farmati materiale si cresteti pentru toate evolutile pana in nivel 100 cerinte 150 materiale lvl 70 si 250 materiale lvl 100 Drop Bucata 3 rata...

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